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Trying my hands out at political satire.. obviously I’m bad at Photoshop and won’t even think of drawing caricatures.

It’s amusing that Hillary knows but pretends not to know, and Obama wants but pretends not to want.

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Interesting picture, and more on this later.

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And what a way to start the first article.

As Singaporeans would have probably read by now, a series of gaffes had been the cause of Mas Selamat escaping from detention. PM Lee has highlighted that “[w]e should not encourage a culture where officials and Ministers resign whenever something goes wrong on their watch, regardless of whether or not they are actually to blame,” and “the basic issue is whether the person is culpable. If so, we must act against him, however senior his position.”

Sure. Let’s take his word, and list out point by point what went wrong.

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A new beginning

I’ve decided that, after a long hiatus from blogging, this blog will now move in a different direction. Specifically, I will cover social, cultural and political commentaries. Wanted to archive the old posts but it was too much of a hassle, so I’ve deleted all of them and will be restoring them slowly from my export file.

Stay tuned.

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